House Rent Allowance – (HRA Calculation) : INCOME TAX

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House Rent Allowance (HRA Calculation):-

In this article you will able to know about HRA Calculation.

    Some time the employer doesn’t provided the rent free accommodation rather instead of that the employer makes payment in cash which is known as house rent allowance. In other words the employer pay some extra amount to employee to meet the expenses of accommodation occupied by the employee. HRA is exempt u/s 10 (13A).

The minimum amount of the following three items will be be exempt from the income tax purpose.

1.      Actual house rent allowance received in relevant period.

2.      Excess of rent paid over 10% of the salary in the relevant period.

3.   50% of salary, if the house is situated in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai.

40% of salary, if the house situated other than above 4 metro cities in relevant period relevant.


Salary= Basic + DA + Commission on Turnover

Taxable HRA= Actual HRA received – HRA exemption amount


Metro Cities for HRA Calculation


Raman Raghab is employed in a company at Bhubaneswar. His basic salary is Rs.96000, DA is Rs.48000, commission of fixed % on turnover achieved by him Rs.30000, and HRA during 2019-20 is Rs.18000. He paid Rs.24000 as rent for the house occupied by him. Computation of amount exempt from HRA.



Salary = Basic + DA + Commission On Turn Over

               Rs.96,000 + Rs.48,000 + Rs.30,000 = Rs.1,74,000

1.      Actual HRA received = Rs.18,000

2.      Rent paid – (10% of salary) = Rs. 6,600 (Minimum)

Rs.24,000 – (10%of Rs.1,74,000)

3.      40% of salary (40% of  Rs. 1, 74,000) = Rs. 69,600

The minimum amount is Rs. 6,600

So, taxable HRA = HRA received – exempt amount

= Rs,18000 – Rs.6600 = Rs. 11400

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