Income Tax MCQ QUIZ Set-2 (Income from Salary)

MCQ on Income from Salary Income from salary MCQ with answers 1. Computation of income from salary section is A) Sec 11-12 B) Sec 15-17 C) Sec 6-10 D) Sec 16-20 … Answer is B) Sec 15-17 Show Answer 2. Deduction allowed against gross salary A) Income tax B) Entertainment tax C) Professional tax D) … Read more

Income Tax MCQ QUIZ Set-1 (Basic Concept)

Income Tax Multiple Choice Questions Income Tax MCQ QUIZ Set-1 (Basic Concept) 1. Income tax is a A) Direct tax B) Indirect tax C) Total tax D) Danger tax … Answer is A) Direct tax Show Answer     2. Sambalpur university is a A) Local authority B) Association of person C) Individual D) Artificial … Read more