Income Tax Return Online Filing

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Income Tax Return File Online

The Rapid growth of technology has changed our lifestyle. This advancement in technology and digitalization made our life so easier than earlier .Nowadays Through one click of a button using the internet an individual or persons can get everything. Thus the government. has taken initiative in filing tax returns in India , as a result the government has introduced e-filing or Income Tax Return Online Filing .
               The process of electronically filing an income tax return through the internet is known as e-filing of income tax return. E-filing is very easy and saves time and physical efforts. It can be done from any place at any moment. The process of e-filing is faster than the manual process of income tax return.
Income Tax Return Filing

Procedure of Income Tax Return Online Filing:-

               Income tax department has been made a separate portal for e-filing of income tax return, every person can login to for e filing for free . By using this website the taxpayer can easily file their income tax return.
Step 1:- Create User Id and Password / E Filing Account
Before e filing an income tax return the assessee gets himself registered on official income tax departments website
step to registration :
    Click on new user
    Give your PAN no
    Give your personal details
    Mention your security question and answer
    One OTP will come to your mobile phone.
    Fill the verification code and do register.
    An email is to be sent after successful registration.
    Go to your email and check the link for activation.
    After activation of the link you can file your income tax return.
Step 2:- Download Necessary Form.
               Go to the website
               Select your A.Y. 2000-21(the year when are going to file income tax return)
               Select the assessee as individual /HUF/firm/AOP/BOI/LPP/company/trust.
                Download the ITR from which is applicable to you ( assessee)
Step 3:- Fill the Details In the From
          Extract the downloaded zip file and enable the macros in the excel form, and carefully fill the all necessary details.
            Your name, PAN, address, date of birth, mob no, email id, and whether it is original return residential status.
            Fills the details about income earned and deduction claimed under chapter VI-A
            You can show form 16 and form 26 as.
            You will be required to report about your eligible deduction.
            Fill about the advance tax paid by the employer, if any
            Enter your bank details and mode of receiving any refund amount, if it happens.
Step 4:- Validation:
             Click on the validate button of the entire sheet in case you omit anything then the sheet Will automatically prompt you to fill again the missing details.
Step 5:- Calculate Your Tax Liability:
             Click on calculate tax after filling in the details. In case the form shows any tax payable , then you should deposit the amount and enter the details of challan in  return from.
Step 6:- Generate XML File:
              After all taxes have been paid, then make prepare for XML file.  for that you should click on the generate XML tab and save  it on your computer.
Step 7:- Submit The Income Tax Return.
               You should go to , and sign in
               Click on upload return.
               Fill the ITR form with the assessment year and necessary information.
               Upload XML file.
               Click on submit.
               ITR –V will be generated and sent to your email.
               (ITR-V is a verification form)
Step 8:- Sign The ITR –V And Send it to the Income Tax Department.
              It should Sign with blue ink and send it to the IT department within 120 days of your uploading the return.
Step 9:- ITR-V receipt status.
             After receipt of signed ITR–V by the income tax department, then they will send an email that you will receive an SMS on your register mobile.

Note: E-filing

Income tax return should be filed before the due date with PAN details, address, email, bank account, correctly.
The taxpayer should download form 26AS and confirm about the payment of actual TDS/TCS tax paid.
The taxpayer should identify his concern return form.
Carefully study about the information relating to the bank statement, interest certificate, investment proof for deduction claim, book of account, balance sheet and profit and loss etc.
According to return of income, if any tax is payable then the same should be paid before filing of return.
After filing the all the necessary details in the income tax return the taxpayer should proceed filing the return of income.
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