Messi Net Worth – Income Tax

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 Messi Net Worth – Income Tax – The World’s Highest Paid Footballer

Welcome to our new interesting article about the world great athlete footballer, social media influencer, celebrity, Barcelona star Lionel Messi. For details and deep knowledge , you must read the article “Messi net worth– income tax- the world’s highest paid footballer” till the end.

Few year ago the Argentina govt. had to made a special rules about “Messi names” that no one can gives their children name as Messi. Because there was huge amount of Messi name in Argentina. And it is difficult to identify the identity of children. So that Argentina govt. made such type of Messi names rules. This happened only due to the name , fame of the great football personality of Messi.

Before going to proceed you must look back on his background and struggle.

Biography of Lionel Messi :

Name- Lionel Messi

Nick name- Messi Dona, Leo, atomic flea

Date of birth- 24th June 1987, Argentina

Education- 5th pass only

Profession- footballer & business man, 

Messi jersey no- 10

Suppose/ wife- Antonella Messi, 

Father- Jorge Messi

Mother- Celia Mari

Brother- Matias Messi & Rodrigo Messi

Sister- Maria sol

 Messi Net Worth – The World’s Highest Paid Footballer


Social media:

Instagram- 167 m

Facebook- 90 m



3 Ballon d’or awards in young age at 24 years 6 months

5 Ballon d’or awards presently

Continuously more than 60 goals in 2 sears

Continuously 33 goals in 21 matches


Forbes highest paid athlete in 2019

Annual salon – 13 million USD – 89 crore in Indian rupee

Market value- 180 million euro  – 1450 crore in Indian rupees

Instagram income- 45 million USD- 300 crore Indian rupee

1 post from Instagram – 1 million USD = 8 crore his merchandise business

is Messi a billionaire ?

Net Worth: (Messi net worth in rupees)

400 million USD- 3700 crore

House in Barcelona Spain – 12 million USD – 90 crore

 Car & jet:

Audi Rs. 6 – 2,50,000 USD 1.8 crore

Maserati  – 1,36,000 USD– 1.3 crore

Ferrari 1957 335 spider – 35 million – 260 crore

Range rover – 1,00,000 USD – 80 lacs

Cadillac escalade – 90,000 USD – 70 lacs

AudiQ7 – 60,000 USD- 50 lacs

Private jet – 15 million USD – 110 crore


Luis Lionel Andres Leo Messi is a star footballer who plays forward for FC Barcelona club and Argentina . national team Messi moved from Argentina to Spain at the of 13 after fc Barcelona agreed to pay for his medical treatment which was the most important turning point of Messi life.

Through his  tremendous  extraordinary effort he made history as the greatest footballer player in the world. After joining Messi in FC Barcelona won more than 25 league titles and tournaments . He set a record for most goals in a calendar year in 2012.  And in 2019 he was the 6th time winner of Europe’s Ballon d’or awards. 

Early life:

Messi was born on 24th June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. His father is a football coach . but Messi’s grandmother saw football talent in Messi and allowed him to play. In 1995 at the age of 8 he joined. The Newell’s old boys, a Rosario based club.

Unfortunately Messi was suffering from hormone deficiency that restricted his body growth. Messi’s parents decided to treatment of that dangerous disease. But this required 1000 USD for treatment . and the treatment was Messi injected injection on his one leg at night for seven days then other leg for seven days respectively.

His parents sells all the assets of his home for the treatment. At the same time the Barcelona academy team director knew about Messi game. And suddenly called Messi to join the Spain fc /Barcelona fc with a condition that all the treatment of Messi diseases will be taken care by the Barcelona fc. The Messi parent agreed with the director of Barcelona fc.

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