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Income TaxPe has started journey from the month of August 2020. It is founded by Mr. Manturanjan Sa, a Lecturer by profession and a writer by passion. Our mission is to create awareness about income tax so that every person who is eligible for tax purpose must pay to the Govt. The partial development and betterment of the Society and Nation is depends upon the tax which is imposed by Government. It is an Educational Website, Where we are sharing all about INCOME TAX Payment and Education. It also Covers Tax law, Income Tax Return, e filing, Taxable income, Standard deduction, individual income, corporate tax  etc. Here we have given the entire lesson about income tax in a simplest way so that a layman can also easily understand.

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Manturanjan Sa


This is Manturanjan Sa a lecturer by profession and a writer by passion. Also an Actor , Dancer, Rapper, Director, Lyricist and Entrepreneur. He  is also a fitness Lover and animal lover.  Always Work for the society the co-founder of Kartabya Foundation (a social, natural, and animals welfare organisation). Also Founder of the No BekariIncome TaxPe and Shayari me Kahani