Income tax in United States(US) – An Unknown History : Income TaxPe

  Income tax in United States(US) – An Unknown History    (संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में आयकर – एक अज्ञात इतिहास) There are many countries in the world. All have unique features in their way but for economic point of view the countries have been categorized into two types. (दुनिया में कई देश हैं। सभी के पास … Read more

History of Income Tax in UK (united kingdom / Great Britain): Income TaxPe

History of Income Tax in United Kingdom – AN OVERVIEW For the very first time in 1799 income tax was introduced in the UK(united kingdom) after the suggestion of Henry Beeke (who was dean of Bristol from 1813-1837). The income tax was established in Great Britain in  December 1798, by Prime Minister William Pitt the … Read more

Great history of income tax in India: Income TaxPe

  Great history of Income Tax in India The taxes which are imposed by the government from the public are ultimately used for the development and betterment of the public. This is a system through which the government pools the resources to be used for the benefits of the public.  (सरकार द्वारा जनता से जो … Read more